About Me

Hi, I’m Dart!

I’m a Millennial, living in South Australia, sewing and making other bits and pieces while I get by.

I’m nonbinary. This is important, because from my hobbies you might have thought something different. But, I’m nonbinary. I use they/them pronouns, and that’s just that.

I don’t post a lot of photos. Particularly of myself, because that’s a complex area. But also in general. I burned out on my last blog because I found that reducing, cropping, editing photos was just too much work on top of trying to write posts regularly. I’ve compromised by allowing myself to post without photos if I’m just not feeling it today. Sometimes I’ll go back and add photos to old posts if I feel like it. It’s my blog and I do what I want with it.

I don’t have a comments section. I honestly don’t even know how to implement one, much less have the energy to moderate it. If you want to respond to something I’ve posted, use my social media links or my email contact.

I have a Ko-Fi store now. I currently have jewelry, that I’m making using old supplies I bought way, way back when I was studying and trying to find something simple to do that I could make some cash from while I listened to lectures or rode the train; I did manage to sell quite a bit through someone else at a market once, but didn’t have the time or energy to get into that myself at the time. I’m back at it out of necessity, but doing it all online because that’s cheaper and easier. Being able to sell some of this stuff would be really helpful to me. In the future I might add more things of a similar nature (easy to make, using stuff I already have) if there’s enough interest.

I’m currently looking for work. Something related to my crafting would be great but I’m not fussy. I’m not in a position to relocate, unfortunately, but I have no problem with doing remote work if that’s an option. If you’re serious about hiring someone who can do generic office, retail, or customer service duties, kitchen hand work (I don’t have a current RSA or food safety cert but I can get them) and most other basic jobs if you just show me a few times, get in touch via email only for a copy of my CV and further details. Serious offers only – I can’t and won’t work for free. (This is also behind the Ko-Fi promotions. Said Ko-Fi is also always open for donations if you feel like that instead.)

I’m not part of any affiliate or promotional programs. If I link to something, it’s because I want to. If I say something’s good, that’s because that’s what I think. If this ever changes, I’ll say so.