Delays, and the rain

So, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to add more posts on any projects any time lately.

Between weather conditions ranging from ‘the shed entrance is flooded and I can’t get to it’ to ‘the shed is now a really bad sauna’, said unlined and uninsulated shed that can’t be remedied (thanks to a combination of rental laws and a hostile agent), more discouragement in my job hunt and my efforts to sell some jewelry made from old supplies, and a time of year that has never been easy emotionally for me (and has only gotten worse over the last couple of years) I’ve found myself incredibly burnt-out on most pursuits. But especially sewing of late.

It’s something that I don’t talk widely about. It’s not like I want this to be a ‘good vibes only’ space – but I try to keep this from turning into a digital diary of woe, because I don’t feel like that makes for good reading. I try to keep it focused on what I’m doing, but… that gets hard when I’m not really doing anything that I think is interesting enough to post about. When I’m burnt out like this, I can’t even bring myself to do much reading or watching around the topics – and I never did much of that to begin with.

So, I’m calling a hiatus for now, until either the weather becomes more tolerable, or these end-of-year blues break. I’m not gone forever, just… resting and waiting for something to change.

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