The shop is live!

The shop over at my Ko-Fi page is now live, with a selection of gemstone bracelets. More will be added as I finish them, and if there’s sufficient interest to fund it, I might consider making some more – it’ll take time for supplies to arrive from the US though. (I found the supplier who supplies most of the dedicated jewelry shops here, and it turns out that even accounting for international shipping and conversion rates, at the time it was still cheaper to buy directly plus I got a much better selection. I’m sure nothing has changed there.)

One of my bracelets – this one is gold sheen obsidian, on black nylon cord, with gold spacers and findings, photographed on grey fabric. I knot between the beads, to better protect them from rubbing on each other and improve security in the unlikely event of cord breakage. Yes, I know that traditionally the knots are much more hidden, but I never quite got the trick of that and I feel like this helps make the stringing material a feature of the piece too.

I’ll eventually have some other items there – some arrowhead pendants and flat coin bead bracelets (or earrings, depends on how I’m feeling about either) as well as rings and earrings made from the leftover round beads. You’ll just have to wait and see what ends up in the shop.

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