Something old…

So, while I wait out both the highly variable weather, the ongoing discomfort of trying to sew in an unlined shed, and another bout of burnout, I decided to revive an older hobby of mine to pass the time and maybe help a bit more with finances – making jewelry.

I did buy a ton of supplies, but the difficulty of trying to find the time (and equipment, and insurance, and so on) to sell it at markets meant that I didn’t end up doing a whole lot with it. So I still had a whole box of supplies, sitting in the bottom of an old rolling case.

It’s something I can do indoors, that doesn’t require a lot of space, and thanks to some updates to Ko-Fi since last I used it I have a much easier avenue for selling it.

You might have noticed that Ko-Fi button showing up in the site footer now – I added it a few days ago.

So… watch this space, I suppose.

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