Well, it’s been a while…

Unfortunately, that day job got in the way of that posting schedule. (Said day job is now… no longer a problem. Let’s leave it at that.)

I haven’t branched out very much in patterns – in fact, I’ve barely set foot in my sewing room for a while now. But I’m definitely going to return there.

My next post, if all goes to plan, will be about storage – and squaring project and craft storage with your own needs and idiosyncracies, as well as how to square it with living in a house that you can’t modify.

But, I also have an upcoming event to plan and hopefully create an outfit for – and I want to talk about how to handle a pattern that isn’t available in your size range (or only fits in one spot), as well as how to handle patterns where a specific area just does not fit you properly but you have a garment that does fit that area.

So that’s two planned posts. Onward and upward.

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