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Delays, and the rain

So, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to add more posts on any projects any time lately. Between weather conditions ranging from ‘the shed entrance is flooded and I can’t get to it’ to ‘the shed is now a really bad sauna’, said unlined and uninsulated shed that can’t be remedied (thanks to a combination ofContinue reading “Delays, and the rain”

Limestone Set review

I know, I know, I promised the pants… in the time between now and the last post though, I’ve gone ahead and made the new(ish) Sew Liberated Limestone tank top and leggings set, as well as a half-placket shirt (I’ll post about that seperately since that was a test). The Limestone tank top is reallyContinue reading “Limestone Set review”

The shop is live!

The shop over at my Ko-Fi page is now live, with a selection of gemstone bracelets. More will be added as I finish them, and if there’s sufficient interest to fund it, I might consider making some more – it’ll take time for supplies to arrive from the US though. (I found the supplier whoContinue reading “The shop is live!”

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